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Hollywood College is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training (ACCET) to provide instruction in English as a Second Language (ESL).

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Why should you choose Hollywood College?

Hollywood College is a great place for students because of the :

Variety Of Courses

Classes range from standard academic English to elective classes such as current events and Pop English.

Advisors Who speak Your Language

We have a wide range of staff from many countries available to assist you with any questions or concerns.

Affordable Tuition

Quality educational experience at an affordable price.

Great Location

Our school is in the center of Korea Town. Conveniently located near the Wilshire/Normandie metro purple line station; also, our school is easily accessible by all parts at Los Angeles.


Check out our videos and wait for more to come on Hollywood College website or Hollywood College Youtube channel.

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  • ESL
    This program has been designed to provide students with an opportunity to acguire language skills methodically; an integrated skills approach is used.

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Undral| Mongolia
Hello My name is Undral, I am from Mongolia. I studied at another school before I transferred to Hollywood College. I really like this school. Lot of nice students ,teachers and staff here. That is why I could study here long time.

Gunyoung Son| South Korea
Hello my name is Gunyoung Son and I am from South Korea. This The atmosphere of Hollywood College is really friendly. The schedule is well organized and students are eagle to learn.

Encarnación | Spain
In Hollywood College I had the opportunity to meet beautiful people (administration people, teachers and students) Moreover, they are so professional and they always help me in whatever I need making everything easy. The teachers are so encourage, active and with positive attitude. The students are so compromise to learning English, which make the classes more dynamic, and interesting. Thank you very much for everything Hollywood College and Dr Rhee, because it was an awesome experience.

Isabella | Brazil
Hello, my name is Isabella Franco and I studied at the Hollywood College for a while, which one was such an amazing time for me. More than just learning English, I was able to meet a lot of amazing people and all their lessons were always there to help you in the best way possible. I’m so thankful for my English. I’ll never forget my time at Hollywood college.

Yelena Gordiyuk | Kazakhstan
Hollywood College offers great classes for a reasonable price. I am able to attend classes five times a week for more intensive studying with good English teachers. I have tried to learn the English language before and the way Hollywood College teaches is above and beyond other colleges. This school breaks it down in a way that makes it much easier to understand. I am very pleased with the quality, flexibility,and professionalism of my teachers and the school in general.

Zaytseva Yuliia | Russia
My name is Julia, I am from Russia. I have been studying in Hollywood College for two months. And I’ve had really great time there! I was able to learn more in less time because I have been truly enjoying my studying. The course included grammar classes, presentations, conversations, games, special culture events, etc, so I have never been bored. The instructors were all professionals, intelligent and open-minded, and they tried to find an approach to each student. The staff and especially the founder and the owner Dr. Rhee was very friendly and supportive. Moreover I met many awesome people and learned a lot about different cultures and traditions.I fully recommend this school for those who want to achieve good results in short terms studying in unique friendly .

Ben | Iran
My name is Ben and I’m from Iran. I studied English Program in Hollywood college. When I was in College I met many new friends from different countries.The staffs and managements are behaving professional. Beside, the teachers are very friendly, professional and always patient about cultures and students.also the methods of study are helpful and practical to learn.After studying in Hollywood College I realized that my english is improved.I had a good time and I’m glad that I found the Hollywood college.

Martina | Switzerland
Hi, my name is Martina and I’m from Switzerland. I visited Hollywood College for 4 month. It was a great experiance for me.I had the chance to improve my english and also to learn a lot of other countries and their cultures. I met awsome new people at school and that was most mportant for me.The different classes with their levels are really good for learning. You can exactly benefit from that what you need. The teachers are doing a great job and everyone is so friendly. A big thank you to everyone for support.


Hollywood College

Hollywood College offers a wide variety of activities, programs, and services to help students broaden their educational experiences in Los Angeles.


BBQ Party 2018


Santa Monica Field Trip


Culture Day 2018


Halloween 2017


The Broad


BBQ Party Spring 2017



Application Fee $100

Intensive ESL = Morning + Afternoon
Depending on the program and length of the course, tuition will vary. Below is the list of Hollywood College programs and tuition prices :

Standard ESL

11 weeks


Semi Intensive ESL

11 weeks


Intensive ESL

11 weeks


Standard ESL

22 weeks


Semi Intensive

22 weeks


Intensive ESL

22 weeks


Standard ESL

44 Weeks


Semi Intensive ESL

44 Weeks

$ 6,200

Intensive ESL

44 Weeks


For more information contact Hollywood College

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Tel: 213.386.3800 Fax: 213.402.5533 Email: info@hollywoodcollege.edu