The Enrollment Process


1. Submit an Application Form to Hollywood College

1).Fill out the Application Form and Student Information Form

2).Scan or take photos of the Application Form and Student Information Form

3).Send the Application Form and Student Information Form back to us via Email as an attachment file.

2. Collect and Submit All Required Documents to Hollywood College

Please collect and send us the following documents & fees as soon as possible via Email as well.

*A copy of passport

*Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and able to provide proof of age

*A Bank statement that is at least $6,000 for one year and not older than 3 months (must be issued in English)

We will issue an invoice after we receive your application form. Please make sure the prices that are written on it, and send the payment to our bank account (Our bank account information is on the invoice)

*$100 Application fee (Non refundable)

*$100  Processing fee (Non refundable)

*$200 SEVIS fee (Non refundable)

*$25 Bank wire transfer fee (Each transaction, Non refundable)

*$100 Handling and Shipping fee (Non refundable)

3. Hollywood College will issue and send you both the Acceptance letter and the I-20 to your place by Express mail after we receive initial fees (Application fee, Bank wire Transaction fee and, Handling and Shipping fee)

4. Collect All Documents that are needed to Apply for a Student Visa (F-1)

Student Visa Overview

-How do you fill out the DS-160 online application?

Follow this link : ,

Also, you can find online tutorial videos (e.g. Youtube)

Frequently asked questions for DS-160–online-nonimmigrant-visa-application/frequently-asked-questions.html

Please print out your DS-160 confirmation page after you complete the application.


5. Payment for SEVIS fee : $200 (*If the SEVIS fee is paid by the student or agency) *Non refundable

– How to pay SEVIS fee?

You can pay by credit/debit card from above the link. Paying by check or money order is also another option, but credit/debit card is quicker, easier and more common.

You need to submit the receipt as one of the required documents when you take an interview at the U.S. Embassy (Consulate- General of U.S.).

6. Payment for Student Visa (F-1) Application fee: $160 *Non refundable

-How do you pay for the Student Visa Application fee?

You need to submit the receipt as one of the required documents when you take an interview at the U.S Embassy (Consulate- General of U.S).

7. Make an appointment to take an interview at a U.S. Embassy (Consulate- General of U.S.).

8. Take an interview at a U.S. Embassy (Consulate- General of U.S.).

Supporting Documents

9. U.S. Embassy (Consulate- General of U.S.) will send your passport with your Student Visa (F-1) to your address (it takes around 2 weeks or more).

10. Come to the United States of America.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us @

Phone number : (213) 386-3800
Email :