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VISA / I-20
Do you have any dependents staying with you while you study in the USA?:
I-20 form will be issued only after Hollywood College receives the following items:
  1. Completed and signed application form along with appropriate fees.
  2. Financial support document shows sufficient funds that will be available to meet costs of tuition and living expenses.
You may submit financial support document in any of the following forms:
  1. A current bank statement or a letter from your bank certifying that you or your sponsor has sufficient funds.
  2. A letter guaranteeing support from your employer or sponsor. (Letter must be written in English and currency stated in US dollars)
  3. An affidavit of your sponsor's support.
Program of Study
Method of Payment:
Financial Sponsor

All applications must be accompanied by a separate financial support document or if students have a sponsor, she/he must also sign below.

"I certify that sufficient funds are available to cover the school and living expenses for my
: and his/her dependent(s) during his/her term of study at Hollywood College. I accept full financial responsibility for the expenses."
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"I certify that I am at least 18 years of age and that the information I have provide on this application Form is accurate and complete. I hereby affirm that I have sufficient funds to pay tuition and living expenses for the period of my student at Hollywood College."