Undral / Mongolia

Hello My name is Undral, I am from Mongolia.I studied at another school before I transferred to Hollywood College. I really like this school. Lot of nice students ,teachers and staff here. That is why I could study here long time.


Gunyoung Son / South Korea

Hello my name is Gunyoung Son and I am from South Korea.This The atmosphere of Hollywood College is really friendly. The schedule is well organized and students are eager to learn.



In Hollywood College I had the opportunity to meet beautiful people (administration people, teachers and students) Moreover, they are so professional and they always help me in whatever I need making everything easy. The teachers are so encourage, active and with positive attitude. The students are so compromise to learning English, which make the classes more dynamic, and interesting. Thank you very much for everything Hollywood College and Dr Rhee, because it was an awesome experience.


Zaytseva Yuliia /Russia

My name is Julia, I am from Russia. I have been studying in Hollywood College for two months. And I’ve had really great time there! I was able to learn more in less time because I have been truly enjoying my studying. The course included grammar classes, presentations, conversations, games, special culture events, etc, so I have never been bored. The instructors were all professionals, intelligent and open-minded, and they tried to find an approach to each student. The staff and especially the founder and the owner Dr. Rhee was very friendly and supportive. Moreover I met many awesome people and learned a lot about different cultures and traditions.I fully recommend this school for those who want to achieve good results in short terms studying in unique friendly


Yelena Gordiyuk /Kazakhstan

The Hollywood College offers great classes for a reasonable price. I am able to go there for five times a week for more intensive studying with good English teachers. I have tried to learn English languages before and the way Hollywood College teaches is above and beyond other colleges. This school breaks it down in a way that makes it much easier to understand. I am very pleased with the quality, flexibility, and professionalism of my teachers and the school in general.


Isabella / Brazil

Hello, my name is Isabella Franco and I studied at the Hollywood College for a while, which one was such an amazing time for me. More than just learning English, I was able to meet a lot of amazing people and all their lessons were always there to help you in the best way possible. I’m so thankful for my English. I’ll never forget my time at Hollywood college.


Ben / Iran

My name is Ben and I’m from Iran.I studied English Program in Hollywood college. When I was in College I met many new friends from different countries.The staffs and managements are behaving professional. Beside, the teachers are very friendly, professional and always patient about cultures and students.also the methods of study are helpful and practical to learn.After studying in Hollywood College I realized that my english is improved.I had a good time and I’m glad that I found the Hollywood college.


Martina / Switzerland

Hi, my name is Martina and I’m from Switzerland.I visited Hollywood College for 4 month. It was a great experiance for me.I had the chance to improve my english and also to learn a lot of other countries and their cultures. I met awsome new people at school and that was most mportant for me.The different classes with their levels are really good for learning. You can exactly benefit from that what you need. The teachers are doing a great job and everyone is so friendly. A big thank you to everyone for support.


Aref / Iran

Hi guys, this is Aref from Iran.I am a 44-years-old TOEFL student at Hollywood College. Hollywood College has a friendly atmosphere, a wise management and staff, and I am glad to have met Dr.Rhee, the head of the school, because he has a unique way of managing: he takes care of everyone at school. I’m glad to meet our TOEFL teacher, Mr.Maguina, because of his exellence in teaching the skills we need to improve our TOEFL scores. I’m also glad to meet my classmates because of their great and successful attempts to improve themselves. I enjoyed Culture Day. We had a lot of traditional foods from other countries. I’ve had many great days at Hollywood College. Thank you, Hollywood College. I will miss you.


Chian / Turkey

Hi guys. I am Cihan from Turkey. I have been living in Los Angeles for 6 months. When I decided to come to LA, my main purpose was to meet with new people from different cultures and to improve my skills by attending a language school. I heard about Hollywood College through my friend. There are many different study programs according to your needs and I chose Intensive English Program. Definitely, being in a different country and school is really difficult but instructors and students try to help you so much passing this tough period. I spent a very good time here and it really helped me to improve my English. So far it’s been a really good experience to attending this school and live in this fantastic city.


Celine / Switzerland

Hi guys, I am Celine from Switzerland. I have been studing at Hollywood College for a month. So far, I have leaned many new words. There are many classes you can take ( e.g. Reading, Speaking, Conversation and Writing ) The teachers are very helpful and friendly.I am happy to be here, in this school, and I highly recommend it.


Tamer / Saudi Arabia

Hi guys, I’m Tamer. I would like for you to join us at Hollywood College. I was asked to discuss the teachers and staff, I would have to say that they have good teachers, who are very educated, helpful, and friendly. I have been here for a month now and my English has improved very much. The college is located in Koreatown, which is a nice neighborhood. Everything is nearby: Universal City, Beverly Hills, Douwntown etc. I really recommend it and I’m lucky to be here.


Emanuele / Italy

My name is Emanuele. I am from Italy and I came to Los Angeles to learn and improve my English skills in order to attend a University here in the States. The first time to Hollywood College I had a beautiful and warm welcome from everyone especially from Dr. Rhee ( we school’s president ) It’s teachers and students are like family. I have 4 different teachers and they are skilled and ready to answer any questions and concerns. I am so lucky that I found this school and I recommend it to everyone who wants to learn and be ready for a future career. It has never been so wonderful to study with a magnificent view of the Hollywood sign.


Irina / Russia

My name is Irina. I am from Russia. I have been studing at Hollywood College for a month. I like this school, the teachers, and the convenient schedule for all students. I am very glad that I am studing at this school.


Oscar / Spain

Hi everyone! My name is Oscar, I’m from Spain and I chose Hollywood College because I liked the area. It is close to downtown, Hollywood, Beverly Hills… Also Korea town is really nice. Actually I found a place to live next to the school.

I chose the school because of the area ,but I decided to stay because the teachers are great. The school is pleasant and I’m enjoying trips and different activities.


Valeriya / Russia

I am from Russia, and I heard about Hollywood College through a friend of mine. Hollywood College (HC) is a great place to improve your language skills, and I was very happy that I decided to attend HC. They offer different levels of English classes, which include but are not limited to: beginners, intermediate, and advanced. They also offer classes that focus on test preparation and are genre specific, such as: TOEFL preparation, business jargon, and pop-culture. Personally, I decided to attend Hollywood College in order to prepare for the TOEFL exam, which is a requirement of all colleges and universities in the United States.

Studying at Hollywood College not only prepared me for the TOEFL exam but also helped in developing my overall English proficiency. I began remembering English vocabulary and grammar rules, which had long been forgotten, as well as developed in other areas. Moreover, the teachers and students were very supportive and the atmosphere was extremely friendly. They also provided extra-curricular activities such as field trips and culture day, which allowed students to learn about each other’s cultures, the city, and have some fun. I fully recommend Hollywood College and advise everyone to attend.


Mike / Switzerland

Hello, I’m Mike, I come from Switzerland and I visited Hollywood College. I have learned so much English in this school even though I only attended for one month. The teachers are very helpful and you will notice that they greatly enjoy instructing their students. I can assure you that these teachers are very enjoyable and each hour I find myself learning more and more useful information. It was a good learning experience for me.


Yanita / Indonesia

Hi, my name is Yunita Rantung. I am from Jakarta, Indonesia. I have been attending Hollywood College for 2 semesters. First of all, Dr. Rhee and his staff are very welcoming to new students and they have been very helpful all the time. The teachers there are professional; they will help you to improve your English. This is a very good place to learn English. So far it’s been a really good experience to attend this school…


Tony / Thailand

Hi everybody. My name is Tony. I like learning English and somebody recommended Hollywood college. My first day of Hollywood College, I didn’t know what the teacher was talking about. After two weeks, I began to understand more of what the teacher was teaching me. If you love to learn English, Hollywood College can help you!


Mijoo / Korea

My name is Mijoo. I am from South Korea. At Hollywood College, our classrooms have large windows with a view of the world famous Hollywood sign. Our classes are always interesting, because we have students from all over the world. I had a great first impression of our school and its founder and owner, Dr. Rhee. He is always positive and accomodating towards his students. The teachers as well as the students contribute to an environment that is conducive to learning. Small classes ensure student-teacher interaction and makes you pay attention. At first, learning the English language seemed a daunting task, but Hollywood College and its teachers instruct you as well as give you confidence to learn.

For any overseas student, choosing a good school is very important. Hollywood College is located in a safe and central location with convenient transportation available. Los angeles is truly a multi-racial and multi-cultural place to live and learn in. Hollywood College is a great place to learn the English language as well as learning about Los angeles and American culture. You will also make friends with people from all over the world.


Badamkhand / Mongolia

Hi everybody. My name is Badamkhand . I’m from Mongolia. I really enjoyed this school before transferring to West LA College When I first came here, I was a little nervous, but the teachers are very friendly and the students are very nice. Also, Dr. Rhee is nice too… They are all helpful. The teacher taught me real life conversations, and my classmates are very smart and friendly. My English is getting better now because of Hollywood College and I successfully transferred to West La College ….Thank you, everyone.


Charlie / Denmark

Hi Guys! When I first arrived in the U.S.A. I had no friends, but after going to Hollywood College for only a week I made a lot of friends. Everybody at school is so friendly and wants to help. The teachers are very special; they do a lot to make you understand what they are teaching you. Besides, all of them want to make their classes interesting and funny, so they will definitely make you laugh. The subjects and the articles that we are reading are so-updated that it’s so exiting to read them and afterwards talk about them. When you attend Hollywood College you will expand your knowledge a lot and the school will inspire you. No matter how good at English you are everybody will learn a lot and have a good experience in the fabulous and fantastic city of Los Angeles.


Badi / Libya

I am Badi from Libya. I am studying English in Los Angeles. Before I transferred to Hollywood College, I couldn’t speak English, but now that I’m at Hollywood College, my English has become much better. Hollywood College has a good staff that tries to push and help students to speak English. One more thing, you can’t find another school owner is also the manager and he’s always at school, so we can talk to him directly. Thank you so much. I’m really enjoying my life here now Good luck to everyone.


Mingyu / China

Hi…my name is Ming, and I’m from China. I started studying at Hollywood College in the middle of December, with the goal of obtaining a good TOEFL score. First, I started in TOEFL, which has the coolest instructors. And after two and a half months of fun, laughter, partying during the holiday season, broadening my understanding and happiness covered with education, the real thing started, which was preparation classes for TOEFL. It was very intensive and hard, but I managed to survive. Anyway, my TOEFL test is getting closer, so wish me luck, people…

Well…coming to America is one of the best experiences in my life, and Hollywood College has been a huge part. It’s where I learned, laughed, had fun, partied, met new friends, broadened my mind, and stepped ahead in the path to my future…


Ben / Korea

I’ve been studying at Hollywood College for 8 months.Obviously, I realized that my English ability has improved a lot. I remember when I first arrived at LAX.I felt really nervous and scared because I wasn’t able to speak English at all. However, when I began to study at Hollywood College I couldn’t help but be surprised at myself due to the teaching ability of teachers. I could realize that the teachers were passionate and professional. Also, they have always encouraged me to improve my English skills.Otherwise, I would not have been able to speak English the way I do now. I highly recommend that you study at Hollywood College so that you can improve your English.I gaurantee you will never regret your choice. Don’t waste your time anymore. If you want to focus on study, just contact Hollywood College. I am sure you will be definitely enjoying the classes and learning English.


Fiona / Switzerland

Hollywood College is located near downtown Los Angeles, close to City Center. The small classes and different levels are the advantages of Hollywood College. In the vocabulary class I learned many new words as well as improved my language skills in grammar, listening and speaking. Hollywood College also offers a TOEFL preparation class, where you learn how to get a good score or improve it. Finally, you will be able to apply to an American university. I had a great time in this language school and my insider’s tip is that it’s great for European students.


Mari / Japan

I had a great time studying at Hollywood College. They taught me that learning English doesn’t have to be severe training. I had so many discoveries and so much fun. The teachers always gave us a chance to speak and find some mistakes from our speaking so that we can learn quickly and use it for street conversations. Hollywood College has many activities which help us to improve our English and teach us about America . My favorite activity was Culture Day. We bought or cooked some traditional food from our own county and shared the different cultures. It expanded our knowledge and inspires us a lot. I have learned so many things at Hollywood College and it they have become my valuable memories.


Yi Shiuan / Taiwan

Hi, everyone. I come from Taiwan. I joined Hollywood College for a quarter because my friend told me Hollywood College has good quality teaching. When I went to school the first day, I felt happy. Every classmate was friendly and welcomed me, and the teachers were great. Hollywood College cared about me. When I had some problem, Dr. Rhee helped me solve the problem and my classmates gave me advice. I am really thankful for Hollywood College, because I learned more English than I have ever learned and it’s useful to use in my life. Thank you, Hollywood College. Are you still looking for a language school? Come to Hollywood College. Join us.


Ohn / Thailand

I am so lucky that I chose this school as my first place in Los Angeles, because here they are not teaching only English but all the teachers and staff take care of students like friends and family. In the first month I came here, I wanted to get a metro pass, but I didn’t know how to do it, so I asked one staff and she took time and told me everything I needed to know, what I should do and gave me a lot of information even though at that time she was busy. I felt very thankful for her.


Victoria / Ukraine

Hollywood College is the best place for me to get prepared for taking an interpreting exam in California Courts. I think it’s the best place to enhance your English knowledge. I get here a lot of speaking and communication practice by creating and acting out dialogues of different topics, listening to movie clips, studying slang, new vocabulary, idioms and expressions. All this studying is usable in every-day life. For those who want to speak grammatically correct English the school provides grammar classes that are serious. The teacher holds your attention during the whole class and helps you to make your own sentences. After these classes your grammar improves in all situations. If you need to improve your TOEFL score, Hollywood College is definitely the best you could ever find. You’ll be taught the tricks on how to get the highest score as well as you can practice the TOEFL test here several times. At Hollywood College you can also make lots of new friends from all over the world. The school has culture day and a variety of trips and outings as well. The teachers are very intelligent and open-minded; they’re opened to questions and they always explain American cultural nuances. And the President of the school is really awesome, he will help you in any situations. You’ll see your goals come to life!